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Solid State Lighting Assembly

Solid State Lighting Assembly refers to the construction of sources of light that are emitted via solid-state electroluminescence by means of PLED's (polymer light-emitting diodes) or LED's (light-emitting diodes) instead of gas, plasma (as in fluorescent lamps), or electrical filaments (as in incandescent lights).

Benefits of Solid State Lighting Assembly

Solid State Lighting Assembly technology presents many notable advantages over fluorescent and incandescent lighting technologies. A multitude of benefits both in terms of energy savings and environmental savings are associated with Solid State Lighting Assembly technology. SSL's consume less energy (up to 90%) than incandescent bulbs. As a result, they can reduce electricity consumption by 50%. SSL systems stay cool to the touch when in use due to their low voltage. LED's last more than twenty times longer than fluorescent or incandescent bulbs. While incandescent light bulbs only provide about 1,000 hours of life, an LED can last over 50,000 hours. This results in a reduction of maintenance costs and waste materials. The cycle of turning an SSL on and off has no effect on its life span.

Another advantage of SSL is its resistance to vibration and shock; this gives it superior durability. Control over intensity is also possible with a Solid State Lighting Assembly whereas it is not with CFL based products. In contrast with CFL (compact fluorescent bulbs), SSL's turn on instantly with no delay. Solid State Lighting Assembly technology also allows control over color—a feature not present with incandescent or fluorescent bulbs. SSL's are free of mercury and therefore lack the potential health risks that CFL's pose by containing this hazardous element. SSL technology also provides superior light output quality, with a minimum of infrared and ultraviolet radiation.

Applications of Solid State Lighting Assembly

Solid State Lighting Assembly has many applications. SSL lamps can serve as replacements for screw-in incandescent or compact fluorescent light bulbs. These types may be manufactured in the standard shape of a light bulb and can feature a bi-pin base and M16 shape, a GU10 (bayonet socket), a bi-pin cap (GU5.3), or an Edison screw base.

While most LED light bulbs are not intended for dimming, as they are directional, the design of certain models allows them to be used in conjunction with dimmers.

Solid State Lighting Assembly can be used for the purpose of general lighting, but also have many specialty uses.These include plant growth lights (for home, indoor horticulture and commercial applications), demonstrations, street lamps and more.